Statistical Studies


A statistical studies is any study that undergoes the following four process that is;

  • Data collection
  • Data organization and analyses
  • Interpretation of results
  • Drawing viable conclusion from results

Types of statistical studies

statistical studies

There are 3 main types of statistical studies;

  • Observational studies – As the name suggests, observational studies involve observing subjects as they are without the manipulation of the researcher .For instance observing how the organs of the body work during heat.
  • Experimental studies – Experimental studies are often confused for observational studies yet they are very distinct. Unlike observational studies, in experimental variables, the subjects are manipulated by the research to make an observation. Most clinical studies are experimental studies since certain treatments are administered to the subjects to observe change.
  • Surveys – A survey is any study that gathers information/study by asking a number of people a number of questions. For instance opinion polls are surveys since field officers are sent to gather data on different opinions of people regarding a certain issue.

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