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We offer SPSS homework help to students and researchers. We are comprised of a team of experts who are professionals in data analysis. The website serves people from different parts of the world such as USA, Australia, UK among others. It is from this, that we have attained our high rating. Pertaining the SPSS, we can complete your assignment for you, offer online tutoring or offer any other help related to SPSS. Once you submit your homework, we will assign an expert who will submit the answers within your deadline.

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SPSS Course Help – we are experienced in helping students with statistics homework help online and SPSS online classes. Contact us with the class details and we will give you a price quotation depending on the amount of work the class will require.

Data Collection – The team helps you decide on which data collection method to use depending on the survey you want to conduct. In respect to data collection, the team can adequately assist with the level of measurement for each variable to be used.

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Data Entry and Cleaning – we help you with data entry, data cleaning, reliability analysis using SPSS. In addition, the team is always ready to provide online tutoring of how this can be done.

Data Analysis – Data analysis can be a quagmire especially when one does not know what it takes to go about the process. Being a team of experts, we can offer online and offline SPSS homework help.

Data Reporting – Data reporting process requires a lot of attention and knowledge. Data reporting often involves reporting and interpreting the data analysis results, drawing conclusions and making recommendations. There are different formats used for data reporting such as the APA, MLA and Harvard styles all which our teams are familiar with

Research Paper and Projects Writing Service – we also offer help with research papers and projects.

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If you have need help with your thesis data analysis you can contact us for help. We can write the research methods/ methodology, data analysis and conclusion parts.

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It is important to note that despite performing these services, our company is very affordable. We can also help with reports and project writing. The help can be offered either online or offline. In addition, we can help with the download and installation of the IBM SPSS trial version. However, if you have a license, we also help you with the licensing part.

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Free Revision – in case your instructor requires that you change work that we delivered, we are always willing to revise free of charge. Please make sure that you attach all the instructions.

Customer satisfaction – The aim objective of our company is to meet the needs of our clients. For students, we thrive in academic excellence while for researcher we ensure that we attain 100% level of success.

Time-conscious-Time is a very important aspect that ought to be saved for all reasons. As the saying goes, time is money. It is therefore for this reason that we ensure to deliver completed assignments, homework and reports within the stipulated time.

Quality work-Following the level of expertise we have attained over the years, we are able to provide quality, plagiarism free and error-free work. It is important to note that we have room for revisions if there the client feel something was not addressed as they wished. These revisions are free only if they were in the initial instruction. Revising the work using new additional work requires a little payment.

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Cheap– Our rates are usually dependent on the number of words you need as well as the type of work you need done. For instance, the payment of a data collection procedure is much lower than that of data reporting. However as compared to other websites, our rates are affordable.

24 hr. support system – We work around the 24-hr clock to ensure that we serve our clients from all parts of the worldThe 24-hr. support ready to answer any questions that you may have in regard to our website, work done, know the progress of you work or any other inquiry. You can request a live chat or send us an email. If you are searching for do my spss homework this is the best place to be.

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SPSS is an abbreviation for Statistical Package for Social Sciences which is a statistical software that is widely used for data presentation and analysis in social sciences such as Stats, psychology, nursing, business, finance, economics, accounting and medicine among others. Others special features of the software include data management and data documentation. The software is built on a click to execute interface.

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Often people avoid using the SPSS for fear that it is difficult to operate. However, this is not the case especially for someone who has interacted with the software. As compared to other statistical soft wares, the SPSS can perform a variety of tests

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  • SPSS Descriptive tests: such as measures of central tendency, frequency, and dispersion, skewness and kurtosis,  and cross tabulation. We also plot graphs such as scatter plot, bar graph, pie chart, line graphs among others.
  • Bivariate tests: This include parametric and non-parametric statistical tests. Parametric tests make assumptions about the sample used. Examples of SPSS parametric tests include t-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, ANCOVA One way ANOVA, Time series analysis, survival analysis, and correlation. Non-parametric tests on the other do not make any assumptions about the population of interest. Examples of non-parametric tests include Kruskal Wallis test, Friedman Anova, Mann Whitney, Wilcoxon Signed rank test, sign test, Mood’s median test and Spearman’s Rank Test. We are prolific in these tests. Commonly performed tests include SPSS ANCOVA, SPSS MANOVA and SPSS ANOVA.
  • Prediction analysis using regression. Regression analysis can be either simple or multiple depending on the number of independent variables involved. Further, depending on the nature of the independent variables, regression can be linear, ordinal, cox, logistic or probabilistic. We can also include a scatter plot.
  • Prediction for identifying groups: These include discriminant analysis, factor analysis and cluster analysis such as two-step, K-means and hierarchical.
  • Geospatial analysis and simulation.

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