Pooled Sample Proportion

Definition of Pooled Sample Proportion

A proportion can be described as a fraction of something whole. In the field of Statistics, pooled sample proportion refers to a fraction of the sample. Given that P1 is the size of population 1 , n1 is the size of sample 1 and x1 is the number of successes in sample 1 then the sample 1 proportion can be expressed as;

proportion definition

Now assuming that we have another population, population 2 such that n2 is the size of sample 2 and x2 is the number of successes in sample 2 then the sample 2 proportion can be expressed as

sample 2 proportion

Therefore, the pooled sample proportion can be expressed or defined as

pooled sample proportion formula

Consequently ˉq= 1- ˉp

It is important to understand that in order to calculate the pooled proportion, the samples involved should be randomly selected and independent to each to otherwise Unrelated.

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