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Many are the times that students hits rock-bottom when required to complete a statistical dissertation. This is as a result of inadequate knowledge either in statistics or statistical softwares such as SPSS and Stata. It is at this juncture that one should consult an experienced experts such as us at dissertation statistics help to effectively conduct the research, analyze and interpret study findings.

Dissertation statistics help is a segment within the Statisticsguru.com website that offers tremendous and professional help to students who with statistical dissertations. Our team which comprises of highly trained and experienced experts in quantitative and qualitative research, will work with you tirelessly from beginning to end giving you the experience of a lifetime. Statisticians at dissertation statistics help demystify statistics to ensure a successful dissertation. We offer step-by-step explains and reasons hence ensuing that you understand exactly what is going on at each given time. This we do at affordable cost as compared to other online platforms as we have been in the industry for the longest and therefore this is a way of giving back to our esteemed customers whose support has been unwavering.

Our experts at dissertation statistics help can offer professional consultancy and help in any and all of the dissertation areas below

Research methodology and design – Settling on the type of research methodology and design to use can prove to be strenuous especially when you do not have statistical knowledge. Nevertheless, we are here to rescue you.

Variable selection – Although students may have the research topic, majority of them tend to have an arduous time in selecting which variable should measure what. However, worry no more as dissertation statistics help is here for you.

Target population and sample size selection – Identification of target population and sample size calculations require an expert such as us to avoid a major setback and ensure a successful and quality dissertation

Statistical tests – It is often hard to make a desirable and be-fitting choice of statistical tests to use in your dissertation. Dissertation statistics help will do this for you and also offer guidance.

Validation and reliability statistics – Data validation and checking for reliability is a necessity in any dissertation. However, it has proven quagmire to most students, which we can render assistance.

Results interpretation – Statistics is a science which encompasses data collection, presentation, analysis, interpretation and presentation and therefore we make it our priority to help you all the way to the end (interpretation of results).

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