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Statisticsguruonline will assist you in completing your statistics Theses, Dissertations, Capstone Projects, and Journal Articles. We are consultation experts in both qualitative and quantitative statistics areas. Therefore attain your academic targets with us by seeking our consulting service to help you complete your chapters, projects, or research data collection, management, analysis, reporting, and presentation, which might hamper you from graduating because of the challenges you might be facing to enable you complete them on time.

We have noticed that majority of the students will seek statistics consultation services at least once in their academic journey. Having been in the industry for several years, we are that trusted advisor, resourceful, competent, confidential, and 24/7 service consultant that is ready to work with you from the beginning to the end. We keep our consultation process frictionless, keeping you on track, and observing our commitment to you in each process of your encounter with us. The good reviews, feedbacks, and ratings from our clients have made us gain the privilege of being ranked among the leading statistics consulting online service providers internationally. We have a team of professional statisticians who have several years of experience in the statistics field. Therefore do not hesitate to go ahead and consult us for any statistics help you might need, and we assure you of the best consultation encounter ever.

Our Statistical Consultants Help include:

  • Defining research problems, hypotheses, and sample sizes
  • Design surveys
  • Dissertation consultation service
  • Choosing research methods
  • Reviewing and editing the chapters techniques
  • Analyzing and interpreting findings
  • Business statistics consultation service
  • Ucla consultation service
  • Creating oral and written presentations
  • Writing and reviewing research grant proposals.
  • Addressing the comments of reviewers and editors

We also offer consultation services in all aspects of databased research, hence enabling academicians to access internationally leading research in statistical methodology, bioinformatics, computation statistics, applied probability, mathematical genetics, interpreting statistics outcomes among others

Our Code of Ethics

We acknowledge that statistics involves gathering data, and this requires a high level of security and privacy. Hence, we treat your data as if it is our own by storing it on our secure servers while we work with you, and once we are thoroughly done, we entirely delete the data. By doing so, it does not only safeguard our commitment to ethical consulting, but it also simultaneously protects your academic integrity.

Management consulting industry

We can assist you in formulating the research questions. We find splitting a research problem into appropriate sections will enable you to thoroughly test the problem, which results in clear outcomes that can be explained and replicated easily.

We can assist you to figure out what statistics you will require to test your research questions .once the hypotheses are clearly written, we can help you determine how to test them. We can also propose statistical analyses to apply for sample description, evaluating extraneous determinants, and testing assumptions beneath the comparative test you intend to use. We can also assist you in choosing how to move forth with hypothesis testing if the underlying assumptions are violated.

We can assist you in selecting a sample size of your choice. Before starting your study, you must know the number of participants you will include in your research to attain dependable results. Therefore, we can do a power analysis to distinguish the least sample size required. More also, we can suggest various forms of statistics you will need to operate with incase the population you want to study is not enough.

Dissertation statistics consulting

We can assist you in determining the variables you require to include .It is advisable that you use variables that can be utilized to define the sample. You must think about the substantial effects that other factors might have on your study’s outcome. Therefore, if your data collection involves these extraneous determinants, you will be able to manage them when you are testing your hypotheses.

We can assist you with data gathering methodology. We can help you design an excel spreadsheet and create a codebook for data gathering. In case a web founded survey is applied to gather data, we can assist you in developing safeguards to ensure quality management when collecting data. We can also suggest aspects of the project, which need to be documented, for example, the time gap between pre and post-testing. For retrospective studies, we can assist you in distinguishing ways to confirm the values you plan to derive.

We can assist you with data management. Upon data collection, we can help you to download it from the internet, and submit it into a statistics –based information file for evaluation. We can also assist you in allocating value labels and variables to make statistical analysis outcomes simple to read. We can determine the number of inaccuracies and missing data. In some instances, we can gauge the missing values to optimize the quantity of data present for analysis.

We can help you do your statistical analysis. We can help with sample description, preliminary testing of statistical assumptions, data changes, testing the relevance of extraneous determinants, and performing actual hypothesis testing.  After we have reviewed the outcomes together, we can propose post –hoc and exploratory analyses to enhance your study outcomes.

We can assist you in conceptualizing and documenting down your results. Therefore, once you obtain your results, we can help you understand the results meaning, what the tests do and what they fail to inform you about your sample.

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