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Anova analysis can be described as a statistical technique that is used to explore potential differences in a scale-level dependent variable by using a categorical or nominal variable. There are mainly 6 different types of Anova which depend on the design and the number of categorical variables involved.

Types of Anova

types of anova
  • One Way Anova
  • Two-way Anova
  • Three way Anova
  • Two-way repeated measures Anova
  • One-way repeated measures Anova
  • Two-way mixed design ANOVA
  • N-way Anova

Anova Help Online

At Statistics Guru we offer assistance in regard to the Anova analysis. We are comprised of a team of experts and professionals with reputable academic qualification in the field of statistics and softwares. These softwares include SPSS, Excel, SAS, Minitab, StatDisk and Stata amidst others. It is for this reason that we can help in anything related to SPSS help, Excel, Minitab , Stata and StatDisk.

Our Anova solver services inlude;

  • Completing questions – This is mostly for varsity students. There are some assignments where the students are asked to complete certain tasks or answer questions. This our team of experts can gladly help you with
  • Conducting the statistical test – Majority of students or researchers do not really know how to go about the tests. At statisticsguruonline, we can comfortably analyze your data for you using any of the 6 types
  • Interpretation of Results – Correct and accurate interpretation of any statistical test needs an expert. This is mainly to avoid giving misleading information which is why you need our professional services.
  • Reporting of test Results – It is always mandatory once statistical analysis has been conducted, they have to be reported. This can be done in different styles such as the APA 6th edition, Oxford style and MLA amongst others. This we can easily do for you.
  • Consulting services – This is where the clients gets to chat with our professionals and is directed accordingly. In other words, assistance in regard to outputs is made available for the client at no cost.
  • Training –We offer training at an affordable fee. This training can be both offline or online and at the client’s convenience.

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